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What do dentists think about FirstPlug®?

FirstPlug® provides an efficient dispensing system.  It is easy to condense and packs well to support the composite restoration. I have comfort in knowing that I am placing a medical grade product in the patient’s mouth.

- Dr. Keiko Wada

It goes above and beyond what I expected. It is very dense, strong, easy to pack and easy to remove. Creates a solid foundation on which to apply restorative material, easy to manipulate, avoids waste, easy to handle. So many other attributes, all my assistants love it.

- Dr. Richard Ansong

I have been using industrial teflon tape for many years. It is a completely different experience to use this product. It took me half of the chairtime because of how easy it is to dispense and condense.  I feel safe to use it for my patients because of its medical grade and confidence to disclose the product information to my patients.

-  Dr. Yen-Wei Chen 

100% of dentists that tried FirstPlug® would use it in their own mouth should they require a dental implant restoration.

FirstPlug® is a patented medical grade PTFE material specifically engineered to be placed into the screw channel of implant restorations.

A smart solution for implant dentistry

FirstPlug® properties are superior to commonly used materials and have been optimized for safe and efficient use.  There is no longer a need for industrial pipe thread tape (AKA Teflon), cotton pellets, gutta-percha or silicone.

Peace of mind for dentists

Medical grade PTFE made in the USA

FirstPlug® is manufactured and assembled under strict protocols and quality systems required for medical devices.  FirstPlug® can be autoclaved in the dental office.

FirstPlug® Instruments

35Newtons® has developed dedicated placement and removal instruments for use with FirstPlug®.    

Barrier Plugger ™ 

Barrier Excavator ™ 

Optimized for efficiency and ease of use

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Our products are designed with intention for a better workflow. We strive to create simple and relevant solutions to common clinical problems.

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