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Alexander Shor and Jim Janakievski are full-time dental practitioners in Washington state; Jim has a periodontics practice in Tacoma, and Alex has a prosthodontics practice in Seattle. We met while in graduate training at the University of Washington and have been colleagues and friends ever since. 

Our Story

Our Mission

What’s in a name?

If you practice implant dentistry, you already know the answer: the most common torque value for connecting a restoration to an implant is 35Ncm. We decided to name our company 35Newtons® to pay homage to its significance.


Early on in our practice, we realized that there is no ideal material specifically created for use as a screw channel barrier. The management of screw channels is critical in the lifecycle of an implant restoration and existing options present many limitations. For that reason, we have developed the FirstPlug® system - a medical grade PTFE screw channel barrier and instruments.

After Hours

Connect With Us

Outside of dentistry, the two of us share a passion for photography. For many years, we have been fascinated by landscape photography and it is our way of expressing our love for nature.

Please enjoy some of our landscape photos here!

Over the years, collaborating on patient care has helped us identify numerous clinical challenges. With the goal of creating a better workflow for clinical practice, we have worked together to develop solutions to overcome these obstacles. Thus, 35Newtons® was born.

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