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Implant Practice US interviews 35Newtons founders about FirstPlug® Screw Channel Barrier

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When Drs. Alexander Shor and Jim Janakievski met in graduate school at the University of Washington, they discovered many common interests. They shared a passion for landscape photography and a love of nature. As dental clinicians, they also faced many of the same challenges. Both had a profound interest in the field of implant dentistry. They realized that no ideal material specifically created for use as a screw channel barrier was available. The management of screw channels is critical in the life cycle of an implant restoration, and existing options present many limitations. For that reason, they cofounded 35Newtons®, and along with it, the FirstPlug® system — a medical-grade polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) screw channel barrier and instruments.

The company’s name was chosen for its meaningful significance to the implant process — the most common torque value for connecting a restoration to an implant is 35Ncm. Dr. Janakievski, a Tacoma, Washington-based periodontist, said, “Over the years, collaborating on patient care has helped us identify numerous clinical challenges. With the goal of creating a better workflow for clinical practice, we have worked together to develop solutions to overcome these obstacles.” Dr. Shor, a Seattle-based prosthodontist, concurred: “We needed an option that was elegant, usable, and affordable — all of these are very important factors.”

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